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malavika mandal andrew

"The Sources of my Inspiration were the five elements of life, and Rayan was using the element of sounds as his inspiration. That attracted me to work with Rayan. We exchanged our thoughts and concepts for developing the Digital art with each other. I planned and developed a form of blooming and joy keeping a spacing in my mind. He added his touch of vibration and transformed it into lovely creation “Connecting Clouds 1”

For creating Digital Art, Ryan worked with a music algorithm. I selected a song "Mon Mor Megher Sangi “, written by Frist Indian Nobel Prize winner, poet, writer, composer, philosopher, social reformer and painter Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. After receiving his Digital Art I added my feeling of “Moving with the wind”, "Shadows of life",  "Nostalgic", "Dazzling", and "Hide & seek."

- Malavika Mandal Andrew

The project was developed in collaboration with Mr. Rayan Henderson under Techspressionism by Mr. Davonte Bradley

Collaboration Art with Rayan Henderson

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