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malavika mandal andrew


Malavika also an art educator has been running Malavika Mandal Andrew’s Creative Course (MMACC), teaching “Design creativity” and conducting & organizing workshops. Her workshops fall in two categories: fun, aimed at people of all ages who wish to expand their creativity or professional, aimed at people who wish to practical exposure to the industry and refine their existing skills.


The source of Visualization, Imagination, realization and execution is derived from nature.  “Nurturing Creativity In Surface Ornamentation” (NCSO) aims at creative development along with nature. Participants will learn different tools to understand and manipulate space, learn how to use simple existing elements to design and work with different mediums to make their artwork, products and exhibitions more clear and innovative.                   


Here at NCSO we not only nurture your creativity but also developing ideas and execution plans, understanding the market/customer, gaining confidence in yourself and challenging yourself enabling you to execute through any medium like textile, paper, wood etc. and in any areas like home décor, jewellery design, fibre art, furniture design etc.


Certificate after completion provided.


Duration: 3 months

Schedule: 2 classes weekly, Saturday & Sunday

Timing: 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Place: Will be informed beforehand 
(class will be conducted in open classrooms in gardens like the Rabindranath Tagore’s Vista Bharati University, Malavika's alma mater. Course may be also conducted online.)

List of Fun workshops

  • Offline and online

    • Woven Jewellery

    • Workshop on Macramé.

    • Workshop on hand weaving with unused fabric and thread.

    • Hand Crafted Pottery

    • Workshop on Natural Dyes

    • Workshop on Block Batik (Natural Dye Workshop is Compulsory)

    • Workshop on tie and dye (Natural Dye Workshop is Compulsory)

    • Workshop on what is Design, Inspiration and Creativity

  • Offline

    • Experimental Textile screen Printing Workshop on cotton

    • Wheel Pottery

  • Industrial workshop

    • Weaving Workshop on sample loom - Basic and Fancy weaves

    • Mud Resist Natural Dyes Block Printing Workshop

    • Embro Elements Workshop

    • Hand Embroidery Workshop

    • Textile Printing Workshop -Screen making and printing with Flock, Foil, Pearl , Rubber

List of professional workshops

  • Offline and online

    • Hand Weaving workshop ( without loom)(1) knowledge on analysis and understanding weaves, types of weaves

    • Hand Weaving workshop ( without loom) (2) Basic weaving - Offline and online

    • Hand Weaving workshop ( without loom)(3) Design development with basic weaves - Offline and online

    • Hand Weaving workshop ( without loom)(4) pattern development - Offline and online

    • Learning weaving on sample loom – Offline

    • Advance Design Sample weaving on sample loom – Offline

    • Ikat weaving workshop (Basic) (need knowledge about weaving) - Offline and online

    • Jamdani weaving workshop (Basic) (need knowledge about weaving) - Offline and online

    • Multiple techniques or figurative Tie & Dye

    • Traditional Batik, Brush ,block and experimental Batik in one color with Nephtol Dyes - 14hrs.

    • Traditional Batik in two colors with Nephtol Dyes

    • Leather Batik

    • Macramé Basic

    • Macramé Advance

    • Tapestry (Basic 1)

    • Tapestry (Basic 2)

    • Tapestry (Advance)

    • Workshop on Design Inspiration, Creativity and patterning on Photoshop and Corel Draw

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