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malavika mandal andrew

"We have a treasure of abundant traditional art, and I wanted to explore that along with my work. In 2012, I started with Warli tribal art. In India, Dahanu (Thane District, Maharashtra, India) is the place where we find Warli tribal art. Near Dahanu there is a village named Talasari where I have learned of the intricate stories underlying this form of art form Artisan named Ms. Kusum Samu Kharapada. Warli tribal art covers a lot of activity and many stories in each piece of art. It covers a wide distance in their theme. Figures, tree, creatures, animals, birds, jungle, river etc. are very simple in forms but very expressive.


 I have developed this project for a card show which held on 15 Feb. 2013 (Small is Beautiful Card-O-Logy III, Mumbai, India).  This particular creation is dedicated to those remote and tribal women who in spite of not getting the proper amenities and appreciation still continue their creativity. Their distance from the urban world has not deterred them from continuing their work of art."

- Malavika Mandal Andrew

The project was conceived under the Pollock Krasner Grant in 2012 in collaboration with Warli artist Ms. Kusum S. Kharapada

Collaboration Art with Warli Artist Ms. Kusum S. Kharapada

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