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malavika mandal andrew

I was trying to make my duplicate, but it was not happening. It was not reaching to the perfection. Very annoying and frustrating!! So, I drew two same size dots & lines, and it was looking visually identical. When I scanned and zoomed, I saw there were variations may be because of my unknown changes in mental physical pressure. Also, there was a variation in the thickness of the line and dots as the nib got worn off while moving. But after knowing the fact, still trying and that gives the pleasure of reaching to next. By zooming I understood the hidden roughness and vibration of life which I like to use in my work and this I managed only because of the technology. One thing that is always present in my creations is “Elements of Life” and along with this is. All are linked and depend on each other along with our sixth element that is current technology development. 

Planning never works very smoothly in my life and at same time this unsuccessful planning takes me to reach the next. In 2015 due to too much running around, I started working on a small art book. In which each page drawing is connected to the next page just like our life.  The emotional or mechanical experiences, thoughts, relations and responsibilities gave me multiple expressions, dreams and desire to live ahead. These layers of links which were sometimes from known or unknown sources got blended so well that it becomes difficult to get the trace of from when and how it happened. Movement of life through different ups and downs, smooth and sharp path taking our all conscious, unconscious and subconscious together gets transformed in my work.

- Malavika Mandal Andrew


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